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Control everything Raspberry Pi


Control everything Raspberry Pi. Customized Html page

Control everything Raspberry Pi

  • install webiopi (Rasbian) how to install webiopi service.
  • Upload the script folder to this path “/home/pi/”
  • sudo gedit (or nano) /etc/webiopi/config Find and Replace the Lines :
# Load custom scripts syntax :
# name = sourcefile
# each sourcefile may have setup, loop and destroy functions and macros
#myscript = /home/pi/webiopi/examples/scripts/macros/
myscript = /home/pi/script/


# HTTP Server configuration
enabled = true
#port = 8000
port = 8080

# File containing sha256(base64("user:password"))
# Use webiopi-passwd command to generate it
passwd-file = /etc/webiopi/passwd

# Change login prompt message
prompt = "WebIOPi"

# Use doc-root to change default HTML and resource files location
#doc-root = /home/pi/webiopi/examples/scripts/macros 

doc-root = /home/pi/script/
  • to start with verbose output and the default config file :
sudo webiopi -d -c /etc/webiopi/
  • start or stop the background service :
sudo /etc/init.d/webiopi start
sudo /etc/init.d/webiopi stop
  • To setup your system to start webiopi at boot :
sudo update-rc.d webiopi defaults

open your browser to http://your Raspberrypi IP addres:8080/ with any device of your network.

Download: Control everything with Raspberry Pi and Webiopi

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